Celera Motion introduces larger Omni+ direct drive motors - The Robot Report

Celera Motion introduces a larger version of their advanced Omni+ direct drive frameless motor. | Credit: Celera

Celera Motion announced a new, larger version of its direct drive motor platform, the Omni+ Series. The Omni+ 130 mm (5.12 in) motor becomes the largest of the direct drive frameless motor series. All of the motors’ sizes offer the highest torque density and ultra-low cogging in a low profile and large aperture design. Permanent Magnet Rotor Motor

Celera Motion introduces larger Omni+ direct drive motors - The Robot Report

“The Omni+ Series is a game-changing product line designed specifically for surgical robotics and other high-precision applications,” said Facundo Lay, Motors and Mechatronics Product Manager at Celera Motion. “This groundbreaking series offers an unmatched combination of raw power, exceptional smoothness, and integration flexibility, setting a new standard for excellence in the precision-motion field. With Omni+, manufacturers can attain smoother, more accurate movements with less noise and vibration, all while optimizing space and simplifying their design.”

The Omni+ series is designed with the needs of robotic applications in mind. The motors can be spec’d for a range of axial lengths and winding options, providing the flexibility to achieve optimal system integration effortlessly. Whether in the field of surgical robotics, robot joints, automated guided vehicles and autonomous mobile robots (AGVs/AMRs), metrology, UAV satellite communications, collaborative robots, exoskeletons, or lab automation, this series is pre-engineered to meet the most extreme requirements.

Customization allows designers to meet the unique needs of each application, allowing for more tailored and effective solutions. The Omni+ Series also offers:

“Our commitment to innovation drives us to push boundaries and deliver cutting-edge solutions to our customers constantly,” Lay said. “The Omni+ series is a testament to our dedication to providing motor solutions that exceed expectations, enabling our customers to unlock new levels of performance and efficiency in their applications.”

In addition to the Omni+ 130 mm model, Celera Motion offers the Omni+ 100 mm (3.94 in), Omni+ 70 mm (2.76 in) and the Omni+ 60 mm (2.36 in).

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Celera Motion introduces larger Omni+ direct drive motors - The Robot Report

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